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  • Sound the Alarm: How the Health Community Can Create a Sense of Urgency for a Healthier Queen City - October 13, 2015
    >> Details
  • Introductory Aromatherapy for Healthcare Professionals - October 14, 2015
    >> Details
  • Preparing for a New Normal: TBI Continuity of Care - Friday, October 16, 2015
    >> Details
  • 7th Annual Coping with Cancer: Identification and Management of Late Effects of Cancer Treatment - October 30, 2015
    >> Details
  • Intraoral Radiography for the Office Trained Dental Assistant PART 1 - November 1, 2015
    >> Details
  • Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office - November 6, 2015
    >> Details
  • Applied Case Studies in Self-Care Therapeutics - November 12, 2015
    >> Details
  • The 18th Annual Procrastinator's Marathon: Appropriately Covering the Evolving World of Infectious Disease Management - December 17, 2015
    >> Details

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The New Interactive Fall 2015 Catalog is Here! Check it Out!
  • The Charlotte AHEC Fall 2015 Catalog is now available. Look for it in your office mailbox, employee facilities or view it here. With in-person workshops and online (eLearning) modules from Charlotte AHEC eLink in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from specialized practices to broader, universally-applicable topics, Charlotte AHEC is linking healthcare and education! To access blank registration forms, current catalog information, policies and more, click the circular AHEC logo on the top left corner of www.charlotteahec.org!

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Check out these Interprofessional Workshops!

  • Transgender Care Symposium for Healthcare Professionals - October 17, 2015 >> Details
  • How to Deploy Teams that Provide Continuous Team-Based Care - October 23, 2015 >> Details
  • 1st Annual Sickle Cell Disease Symposium: A Comprehensive Approach to Managing Sickle Cell Disease - October 24, 2015 >> Details
  • Attention Please - Pharmacologic Options for the
    Managment of ADHD - October 27, 2015 >> Details

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  • NRCME DOT Medical Examiners Training Course >> Details
  • Carolinas HealthCare System Code Sepsis Initiative >> Details
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